We recently proudly announced the 70th anniversary of this family business which is managed by the Ramlall family.


Goodwork Shopfitters was established in Durban on the 19 August 1947 by the late MR. MITHLOO RAMLALL.

We proudly announced the 70 years anniversary of this family business which is managed by the Ramlall brothers.
DEEPAK RAMLALL: Commenced 1968 and is Director of Finance.
PRADAN RAMLALL: Commenced 1976 and is Director of Marketing.

Work is personally supervised and managed by the directors, who have adequate all round, hands on experience and expertise acquired over the years in business. This sustained effort has maintained high standard of workmanship. Ourefficient service secures many major contracts, both locally and internationally. Our good reputation is indebted, to our
very loyal and dedicated staff. Some of our employees have been with us for over 25 years.


Shortly About Us

With Goodwork Shopfitters, you get much more than construction professional service .We are a personal company with a passion for excellence together with customer satisfaction.


Quality Workmanship

We construct most of our wood products from Oak, Cherry and Maple; extremely durable woods with beautiful grain which are import to our Industry.



Our team of experts and skilled craftsmen are a strong support to our company. We are a customer centric firm that provides its customers with utmost satisfaction.


  • We take the time to understand your needs and develop solutions to meet or exceed them.
  • We build long-term loyalty by a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • We ask for your feedback, and implement continuous improvement processes.
  • Courteous, helpful and knowledgeable staff
  • At the end of the day, though, we’re still a family business. We promise to deliver you the best customer service in the industry. Expect nothing less from us.


Quite simply, we love what we do and it shows in the craftsmanship, meticulous attention to every detail and our commitment to delivering customer delight.We make certain that your experience is enjoyable and you are completely delighted with the finished outcome. Our employees are discreet and respectful of your privacy and lifestyle needs. Good work Shopfitters worry-free guarantee and an extended warranty on all our craftsmanship.Whether the design is created by an architect or interior designer or developed by our team, our integrated master builder process and meticulously created plans insure perfect outcomes.

Shopfitting for all Retail sectors, Hospitality & Restaurant Industry
Manufacture of Bespoke Cabinets and Displays
Steel Fabrication: for Displays & Shelving and Point of Sales Counters
We offer Turnkey & Project Management
Ceiling, Partitions and Bulkheads
Shopfronts and Specialised Glazing



We offer outstanding custom made shop fittings. Your business is unique and you can stand out from the rest with custom made merchandise & display units. From the floor to the ceiling each aspect can be made from scratch to suit your aesthetics. We provide shop fitting manufacturing and installations.

Production & Factory

We are a highly professional Durban based independent shop fitting store. We offer the very latest in innovative design and manufacturing of display products to promote your brand, products or services.  We manufacture products of outstanding quality for our clients and continuously strive to be acknowledged as a reputable source and provider of quality products in all our specialised fields.


Ceiling & Partitioning

Ceiling Systems are a major focus at Goodwork and we have a variety of systems and products for Suspended Ceilings and Fixed or Flush Plastered Ceilings.


Fabrication, Displays & Shelving

All units, fittings and shelves are functional and versatile making gondola shelving easy to install with the ability to change or relocate your displays at any time. We have a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colours to match your stores decor. Gondola shelves add a new dimension to store designs that create a comfortable and enticing setting. The answer to optimal space utilisation, gondola shelving will help the efficient organisation of your retail space.


Turnkey & Project Management

We aspire to and deliver the very best quality and innovative turnkey shop fitting solution to the retail market, regardless of the size, scope or the location. In doing so, we will remain a prominent participant in the local South African merchandise display environment and continue expanding our operation into Africa.



We offer a wide variety of Gypsum Decorative Bulkheads and Light Troughs in an assortment of innovative designs including curved, straight or stepped options for shop interiors, supermarkets, office blocks, factories, shopping centres and homes.


If you’re a collaborative, engaged, bright, and creative talent looking to join a company that prides itself on innovation, good ideas, diversity, and making a great product, we have a seat at the table for you.

When you choose Goodwork shoppfitters, you get much more than a seasoned construction professional. We are your personal advocate whose passion for excellence delivers an exceptional experience driven by unparalleled customer service. 


Guarantee Work

We are designers and manufacturers of fine quality cupboards, designed according to the latest trends. We provide the highest quality. We provide our customers with the best quality in design and finishes.



Collectively this Family owned business has managed Goodwork Shopfitters with over 100 years of hands on working experience by the first, second and third generation of the Ramlall’s. Our craftsmanship, attention to detail, precision planning,and engineering of our shopfitting products gives us a unique and full in-depth understanding of the industry.We are designers and manufacturers of high quality
shopfitting products that are, designed according to the
latest trends and finishes. We construct and manufacture
as per SABS standards from the highest quality of material
both local and imported as per designers specification and
at the same time because of our experience are able to
advise our clients accordingly.


Materials Used

Goodwork Shopfitting use only the best quilty materials.Solid wood has many benefits; it’s strong, sturdy and beautiful in its grain.


Professional Standards

We produce aesthetically appealing products of highest standards.
● We uplift the quality of life of people by providing employment.
● Our team of courteous and skilled craftsmen are one of our Company’s strongest points.
● We take the time to understand your needs and build long-term loyalty by commitment to customer satisfaction and with
client feedback we have implemented continuous improvement in the processes.

Company Philosophy

Ensure quality client service and customer satisfaction.

Aim at producing aesthetically appealing and affordable products of high standard.

Thrive on the upliftment of quality of life of people by providing jobs.

Contact Info

Tel No: 031 500 2080
Fax No: 031 500 2082
Email: info@goodworkshopfitters.co.za



Physical Address
78 Aberdare Drive
Phoenix, Durban
Kwazulu Natal
South Africa

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